Hi. My name is Thomas Beckers and I go by the alias of Tom Becks. I am 22 years old, Dutch and I live in Delft (yes, that is in the Netherlands). Making music has been my passion since I was 11 and I still absolutely love making whatever comes to my mind. I still produce pretty much every single day and I will never stop loving it. I always try to be original and to innovate myself.

Often people ask me where I get my ideas and inspiration from. The answer is: it just happens. I always try to mess around with every single knob on every single effect and instrument that I have. Most of the times the result is just too random but sometimes you strike a sound that feels just right. To me making music is something that involves a lot of emotion and feelings. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes I randomly hear an awesome idea for a track inside my head, rush to my laptop and create that idea in Ableton.

The people who inspire me mostly are Bonobo and Flume. They will always be great examples to me and I love listening to pretty much everything these guys have ever made. I have seen them both perform on festivals. It was epic.


Want to use or download my music?

All my tracks are free, do whatever you want with them. In the past it has happened that people asked me for stems (seperate audio tracks) of songs I made in order to remix them. I think it’s awesome that people are willing to put their time into remixing something I made. If you want to use or remix my music the answer is pretty much always yes! Don’t be shy and let me know because I always like people with creative ideas. It’s also just fun to watch your own content mixed with that of someone else.

If you have ideas, questions or whatever just send me a message.