FLOW by Tom Becks

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The story behind the album After a long journey filled with ups-and-downs, hard work and most of all a lot of musical creativity I am proud to present you “Flow”, my first ever album. Flow contains 11 tracks in a … Continued

The Beginning [Flow #1]

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The Beginning When people ask me where my melodies come from I often answer that they just come to mind. The melody of “The Beginning” was something that was flying through my mind for a very long time. I just … Continued

Smoke [Flow #2]

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Smoke It was about a year ago when I created the intro and the buildup of Smoke. The chords just flowed out of my hands into my keyboard. Every little sound in the buildup is where it is because it … Continued

Suspense of Disbelief [Flow #3]

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Suspense of Disbelief Having to construct a continuous live set out of several tracks that differ a lot in style was a challenge. Going from soft to hard and raw to even harder made sense, but I needed something to … Continued

Falling Down [Flow #4]

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Falling Down In 2015 I saw Flume perform live on Melt! Festival. It was and still is one of the most amazing experiences in my life. When I got home I was inspired by him and made the general outline … Continued

Memories [Flow #5]

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Memories This track started with the intro. The buildup just flew into my head at a random moment when I was in a meeting. Not being able to leave the conversation the idea started boiling in my head, growing and … Continued

Mountains [Flow #6]

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Mountains This track is the oldest track on the album. The buildup and drop were made about 3 years ago. By that time I was already in college, living on my own, visiting my parents every 3 to 4 weeks. … Continued

Beyond [Flow #7]

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Beyond About a year ago I was messing around with some vocal samples. Vocal drops seemed to be getting quite some attention by that time and everyone started making them. I too experimented and made the first vocal drop as … Continued

Trustfall [Flow #8]

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Trustfall About a year ago my girlfriend and I broke up. I never saw it coming but I respected her decision even though it had completely shattered me. Even though it was better this way we somehow got pulled to … Continued

Soul [Flow #9]

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Soul This track was made about a year ago. It contains many different synths and melodies. The drops both have two kinds of sounds talking to each other. The first drop has a hiphop beat while the second drop is … Continued

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